Book: Treachery in Death

Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb
Reviewed by Lori Twichell
Genre: mystery, Sci-Fi, action
Publisher: Putnam Adult
Publication Dates: February 22, 2011

Eve Dallas loves being a cop. She loves the ‘blue line’ and as difficult as it can be sometimes, she does love investigating homicides. Putting the pieces together to bring justice to homicide victims is more than her job. It IS Eve Dallas. So when her partner, Peabody, stumbles across a dirty cop ring in Eve’s precinct, there’s no question that she’s going to do something about it.  As she says, “The blue line breaks for wrong cops.”

Instead of working this through her division as she normally does, Dallas has to walk cautiously. How can she get involved in what should be an internal investigation? Her opening comes when one of these dirty cops calls for a hit on an informant, assuming that no one will care about a dead junkie on the street somewhere. It’s set up to look like a suicide, but Dallas knows better and this is where she’s going to drive Renee Oberman absolutely mad.

Oberman, the daughter of a famed and revered police chief, has taken everything that her father held honorable and turned it on its head. Respect, honor, dignity and justice all have completely different meanings for Oberman and Dallas is determined that she’s going to go down.

In this Dallas mystery, Robb takes everything that we’ve learned about Eve Dallas over the past 30+ books and creates the exact mirror image of her in Oberman. In a very literal way, Oberman and Dallas are two nearly identical cops on the opposite sides of everything. Where Dallas is less worried about her clothes and her appearance, Oberman is precise, perfect and always in order. Where Dallas is always concerned about justice and truth, Oberman couldn’t care less. Her world has an order and you must fall into that order.

Robb’s storytelling is, much like Oberman’s appearance, precision at its best. Every piece of the puzzle fits together into a glorious end result that will leave you reeling with the adventure you’ve just experienced. If you would have told me six months ago that I would have been delighted and even giggling at a female cat fight witnessed by officers in a police station, I would have categorically insisted that you were wrong. That is not me and it’s not something that I enjoy. Yet Robb’s accounting of these two women is spot on, brilliant, and by the time you’re halfway through this book, you’ll be just as eager as Dallas to see Oberman’s fall.

You would think that with 30+ books in this series alone, that there’s no way Robb can keep up the pace of excellence. She shatters that idea with this book. Though I haven’t read all of the Eve Dallas mysteries, I can say that of the ones that I have read, her books seem to be getting better and better. Treachery in Death was my favorite thus far and I am thrilled to say that Robb appears to be nowhere near slowing down.

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