Book: Wayward Son

Wayward Son by Tom Pollack, Jim Alves and John Loftus
Reviewed by Lori Twichell
Genre: history, faith, Biblical
Publisher: Cascada
Publication Dates: October 15, 2011

I’m gonna start this review in a very odd place. I’m going to tell you what I think of it before I tell you what it’s about. This book is FANTASTIC! I could not have enjoyed it more and I am anxiously awaiting word of the next book in the series. (Cause there just HAS to be a sequel!)

If you love Indiana Jones, history or adventure, this book is definitely one you’re going to want to read and own.

Now, *cough* let’s get back to the proper part of the review shall we?

Amanda James is content in her life. She works at the Getty Museum and she has been making inroads in her career that have placed her squarely in the line of vision of some of the most prominent archaeologists in her field. When she receives a phone call from Italy asking her to come to a dig site, it doesn’t take her long to say yes. Ironically, the same night that she’s slated to leave California, she receives another job offer for a prominent position in Japan. Though it’s puzzling to receive both of these incredible offers in one day, Amanda chooses to stick with the job in Italy.

Once there, she discovers that she’s the only one who is able to solve the puzzle that will allow the doors to open, but she’s also the only one who can fit through the narrow opening to get to the doors. Within minutes, Amanda has solved the puzzle, opened the doors, and found herself in the center of an amazing room full of antiquities. Unfortunately, a misstep causes the doors to close behind her and she loses communication with the rest of her team. Now Amanda is trapped. Or is she? While waiting for her team to get to her, Amanda does some exploring of her own and suddenly she finds herself a witness to centuries and centuries of history.

Though Amanda is the key character in this book and the catalyst for key events in the story, there is another major character that plays a key role in this story and is our narrator through history. Through him, we discover who owned the mysterious site where Amanda is trapped and also unravel a massive mystery in the archaeological community.

The fast moving plot, excellent description and ties to history serve to make this book a delight to read. The characters are fun to follow, realistic and the history is absolutely fascinating. The best part is that this book sets up a deeper mystery that promises adventure and excitement from future books. Though this book wasn’t what I expected (a modern day mystery) it was a phenomenal exploration in history that mixed in the modern day adventure with much grace and style.

This book is firmly settled in a spot on my top ten best for the year at this point. I can’t more highly recommend this fast moving adventurous read.

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