Book: Wild Texas Rose

Wild Texas Rose by Jodi Thomas
Reviewed by Lori Twichell
Genre: Romance, historical
Publisher: Berkley Publishers
Date: August 7, 2012


Rose McMurray is beautiful, intelligent and well-mannered. When her best friend contacts her to be the bridesmaid at her wedding, she’s happy to do it. Unfortunately, when she arrives, there’s far more to the situation than just a simple wedding. A little digging and soon Rose finds out that her friend is in danger. No matter what, she needs to lend whatever assistance she can and help save her friend from not only a dreadful mistake, but a life threatening one.


Duncan McMurray has always had a soft spot for Rose. Though not related by blood, the two grew up together and he’s always been her best friend, tormenter and protector all wrapped up in one. Now that he’s a Texas Ranger, he comes across trouble all the time. Determined to be sure that Rose stays safe while she’s visiting the big city, Duncan has no idea that his job is about to cross dangerously into Rose’s life and leave both of them fighting to survive.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Jodi Thomas writes some of the most enjoyable characters I’ve ever read. Her Harmony series is firmly planted on my top ten list of favorites and each of her other books has given me great entertainment. When this book started, I admit I wasn’t sure. There were one or two characters that just didn’t sit quite right with me from the beginning and I was hesitant; worried that this might be the first book that didn’t delight me.


I was so happy to discover my doubts were groundless. After reading further into the book, learning more about the characters and seeing how Jodi developed the plot, I was thrilled to be rewarded with the kinds of twists and turns that I’ve come to expect.  This book was a delightful summer read. Full of adventure, flirting, teasing and enough mystery to keep me guessing until the very end, Jodi Thomas kept my imagination completely engaged and entertained for the duration. And you can trust me – that’s not easy to do!

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