Book: Uncanny Day

Uncanny Day by Cory Clubb
Reviewed by Lori Twichell
Genre: suspense, thriller, YA, supernatural 

Publisher: Stonehouse Ink
Publication Date: August 9, 2013

Nolan Day specializes in secrets. Not his own – though he has many of those. He specializes in the secrets of others. He actually has a business based on finding out other people’s secrets. That’s not too hard when you can read someone’s mind. It’s all the other stuff that comes along with that little talent that makes Nolan’s life difficult. The voices in his head. The insomnia. Little things like that.

Nolan’s life hasn’t exactly been easy to this point anyway. With a father who is locked up in a mental asylum and being stuck in the foster care system, Nolan has learned to cope with more than your average amount of stress. But when things start happening around him and they seem to be tied with his mind reading ability, he’s pushed to his limits. Literally. Throw in the school bully bugging him about his foster brother and the school newspaper trying to track him down to figure out his secret and you get just a hint of what Nolan’s been dealing with.
When his ‘information’ business takes a frightening turn, Nolan ends up in someone’s mind and unfortunately, he’s not alone. So what else is out there? Is it out to get him or are there only certain people involved? And why does everyone act strange when he mentions his foster brother?

Cory Clubb has crafted an incredibly suspenseful supernatural adventure that will keep you frantically turning the pages. The plot moves along quickly and at a few points, you might feel like you’re only just barely holding on. Clubb swings you through twists and turns at a frantic pace until you end up at a stunning climax that will leave you reeling.

This is a brilliant book for an evening or weekend getaway that removes you, for just a little while, from your own daily stressors. When it’s over, you’ll be glad you stepped back into your own world and it may even give you a new perspective on your own troubles.
Cory Clubb has shown that he can create tension, supernatural stress and a brilliant plot that will stand alongside the best. Keep your eyes on him folks – he may just be the next big thing.

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