Welcome to the all new Fiction Addict!


We are excited to  unveil the all new Fiction Addict! We’ve been working tirelessly for months to get not only the new website together, but to also expand Fiction Addict’s reviewing to all types of fiction.  So where we once only covered books, now we are adding television, film, comics and web series into the mix.

Please be patient with us as we work through these growing pains. The site isn’t completely finished yet. We were just too excited to share it with you. We didn’t want to wait any longer. But if you explore a bit, you might even still find some random tape and construction materials still holding it together. We’re working on getting everything together and in proper working order.

When we do, we will have an official launch with contests and interviews and lots of fun!

If you see something that is missing or needs attention on the site,  let us know.

Due to some issues during that construction process, we also had to empty our archives. This was a really hard decision for us because we  had thousands of reviews on the site. We still have them all, and we’re working to get them back-filled on the site, but it’s a slow process. So bear with us as we bring back our rich history!

We appreciate your support of everything we are doing here and we are excited to see how things develop  from here!

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