TV: This Is Us – The Big Three

Show: This Is Us
Episode: The Big Three
Network: NBC
Airs: Tuesdays 10/9 central
Starring, Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley
Rating: TV-14
FA Scorecard: A
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell

So last week  we learned a lot about this new family that NBC hopes we all fall in love with. (Maybe they’re even hoping that this group can fill the hole that’s been left in all of us by the abssence of the Bravermans from Parenthood? A lot of people are seeing the similarity. I, for one, think this is a whole brand new gig. I hate comparing things to the shows that went before. Anyway, I’m supposed to be writing a review aren’t I? Let’s get back to that.)  As I was saying, last week we learned a great deal about this new family. Kate, Kevin and Randall all share the same birthday. They also share a day with Jack, but as we learned last week 

So with that amazing heart wrenching twist that we experienced at the end of last week, how do you continue to tell the story? Well, Kate is still trying to lose the weight. Randall is still struggling with his dad. Jack is learning to BE a dad. And Kevin is learning how to be himself – with his shirt on. And that last one is a lot harder than you might think!

This week we got to see more of their lives growing up and how some of those struggles created the people that they are now. We understand where some of those issues come through and boy, let me tell you, as a parent it’s hard to watch. I’ve always joked around with my kids that some of my mistakes in parenting will end up with them in therapy in years to come. This Is Us is really making that connection hard and fast for us.

As with last week, it still felt like these people are friends. I mean we already know them pretty well at this point. There are moments when, as I’m watching, I find myself whispering “Don’t do it. You know you want to but you shouldn’t.”  It’s wild that I’m only on the second episode of this show but I already feel like I know them well enough to answer some of those questions before they come up. I’m not sure whether that’s excellent writing or that it’s predictable, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless.

There are a good number of laughs and enjoyment. These people are witty and fun. You could totally hang out with them. (Though I’m not sure about Kate’s guy. I’m not quite a fan yet.) And the flashback scenes? I grew up there. That’s home! Seriously. the era and the place (Pittsburgh baby!) all resonates with me on a core level. That helps incredibly. But my husband (who grew up in Wyoming – nowhere near the Burgh) is identifying just as deeply as I am. I honestly think that’s the brilliance of the show. Not only are we able to identify with the main characters and their struggle growing up (or finding themselves as grown ups) but we also remember the flashbacks. Cause that was us too.

And that ending?? Seriously?? 

I do, however, love how they’re building different stories and mysteries to unravel. I just hope they can keep up the momentum.

Brief deviation to fangirl over JAVI!!! (Castle anyone?) I have always adored Jon Huertas so I did let out a bit of a squeak crossed with a scream when I saw him back on my television screen. 🙂 That was a nice moment!

At this point, This Is Us is one of my favorite shows on television. I absolutely adore it. Please please please NBC, don’t let us down. This one is excellent so far. Please keep it that way. Oh, and thank you for giving us this show. It’s beautiful.

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