Book: Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic

Title: Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the R.M.S Titanic
Author:  Iain Reading
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date:  February 16, 2014
Reviewed by: C. Hope (YA Reviewer)
FA Scorecard: A

In this, the fourth book I have read in the Kitty Hawk series,  Kitty Hawk flies to Ireland and gets swept up into a century old mystery about the Titanic. The story starts out with Kitty coming to London to explore this intriguing story. In this adventure the family name of a stranger she met has been pretty much flushed down the toilet by rumors about his great uncle. The family’s honor and pride is on the line. This friend comes to Kitty for her help solving a mystery. But it’s not your typical every day sleuthing gig. This mystery comes from a nice little letter that was sent to his family about a century ago. No one has been able to solve it. Will Kitty get to the bottom of it? By the way, did I mention that this stranger is totally handsome? How does that always happen to Kitty? Where are these really nice but mysterious young men? This Kitty Hawk adventure is a century old mystery with a recipe of danger, humor, a pinch of romance, and a serious treasure chest sized amount of history.

As usual I loved this book!!! It was fantastic!!! (Can’t you tell by my use of exclamation points?!) Just like last time the danger was perfectly balanced and we learned a lot about the place she visited. It  continues to amaze me how the author is able to build history and reality into this fictitious adventure. Once again, her curiosity and intrigue got her sucked into a mystery. Of course, with Kitty, it’s always life threatening, but a lot of fun.  This time though, there is a lot more at stake.

The mystery was fantastic and compelling. You probably hear about people who can’t put the book down when they’re reading? Yeah, well, this time it happened to me. I literally stayed up till midnight reading the book. I couldn’t stop! Every time I was ready to put it down, something big happened and we’d get some cliffhanger.

This time around though, Kitty she has a companion that got her into trouble. (In the other books,  it was usually the other way around.)

I have to admit that in this book, a bit of the history kind of scared me a little. I mean Jack the Ripper isn’t exactly a story meant for all ages. But I talked to my mom about it, and I get that Jack the Ripper is a huge part of history in London. Iain Reading usually puts a bit of the history of wherever Kitty visits, so I can see why he included it. It still freaked me out just a bit.

But I really did like the mysterious codes and language that Mr. Reading included in this story. That was fascinating!! Especially learning about  Egyptian hieroglyphics. There were some really hilarious parts. I  mean some things just made me laugh out loud till my sides hurt. I do love that part of the book. And the competition of trying to find the mysterious treasure first? I was way too involved in that. It was really aggravating!!! Why? Well you’re just gonna have to read the book!!!

One last thing I have to mention. I love these books a lot. But, really?  There’s another guy now?! I do admit that I kind of like him, but I liked Charlie better!! I just had to throw that in there.

To wrap it up, once again, I loved this book!! If you’re a kid looking for some good adventure (or a parent – my mom told me to include that part) this series is one you won’t want to miss. There’s another review coming in the series – watch for it!

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