Directed by: Billy Dickson
Starring: Ryan O’Quinn, Issac Ryan Brown, Danielle Nicolet, Shawnee Smith
Release Date: December 2 2016
Reviewed by: Rachel Dixon & Kellie Baker
Double Take Review
Rating: PG
FA Scorecard: B & A

Rachel Dixon says:

“When everything seems lost, hope can find you.”

When the town’s local Christmas Pageant has to be cancelled, Matthew Peyton just can’t find the hope to believe that everything will work out. The funds are no longer there and all his resources are gone. In addition, Matthew is also trying to keep his business afloat. Yet no matter what he does, people are hurt, and the townspeople are not happy.

Everything happens for a reason, and when Matthew crosses paths with Sharon and her rambunctious and adorable son Clarence, Matthew’s life is changed in an incredible way. They gave him the greatest gift of all. Hope.

As events turn, Clarence begins to worm his way into Matthew’s heart, and we come to see that anything is possible if you believe.

Plenty of strife, compassion, betrayal, and faith, Believe is a cute Christmas movie suitable for the family. This movie has excellent lessons in caring for others and never giving up. If you are looking for an inspirational Christmas movie this year that will leave you feeling uplifted, I would recommend checking this one out. Rated PG for some violence, thematic elements, and brief mild language.

FA Scorecard: B

Kellie Baker (guest reviewer) says:

This happens to be the first time I have ever offered to review a movie. Tonight I sat in the quiet of my living room and had the pleasure of watching what I would say is one of the best Christmas movies I’ve seen in a long time.

The plot was a little difficult to follow at first because you aren’t quite sure what Mr. Peyton’s story is or exactly what’s going on. But the story picks up quickly and blends together fairly seamlessly. What I found most interesting was how relevant the storyline is to situations today. With the recent election just ending, promises made, stories being told about jobs and lost companies shutting down and entire regions being adversely affected by the overall economy, this story truly struck a nerve. While the movie is just a fictionalized story, it seemed like something you might see on the evening news or read about on the internet. Having visited areas like this, I truly understand the fragility of small towns and the small businesses in a region, the writers encompassed the feel of small town rural America and the challenges that are faced there. The story was more than just a little believable.

As I mentioned, things start a little slow with the characters taking shape and developing at a nice pace. But very quickly you find you are meeting a rich cast of characters. The character development produced by each of the participants was very enjoyable. The little boy, CJ, was amazing. I found myself feeling sorry for his poor mother. My southern roots took over and I found myself saying, ‘bless her heart’ as I was watching. CJ’s energy was something to behold and his character had so much personality that he had me believing he wasn’t acting,  he really was CJ! His faith felt very real to me and if it wasn’t actually real, he is a better actor than I thought! The love between a mother and son is clearly seen throughout the whole movie in every word she spoke to him. The bad guys in the film were definitely up to no good but it took a while to figure out who was bad and who was good. There was a definite mystery going on for a while.

This precious film has it all; deceit, prejudice, despair, fear and greed. But more importantly, faith, hope, joy and most of all, love. What more could you ask from a Christmas movie??

FA Scorecard A

Both reviewers received the opportunity to screen this movie for free from the film company through Fiction Addict. 

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