Book: Close to You

Close to You by Kara Isaac
Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Howard Books
Date: April 26, 2016
Reviewed by: Rachel Dixon
Fiction Addict Scorecard: A
Kara Isaac took my breath away with such a beautiful story. I can’t wait to get my hands on her next release coming out in just a few weeks! Filled with so many dynamics, I was biting my nails, laughing out loud, sighing with relief, and at times, even yelling at the book. I have always been a fan of Tolkien and so I found the setting both brilliant and intriguing. I had the very great pleasure of meeting Kara in Nashville last week. She is so sweet. We had a bonding moment over chocolate. See, I don’t like chocolate as a rule. However, South African chocolate (I lived there for a year) is divine. I gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow. New Zealand’s chocolate is made the same. And both Kara and I agreed that American chocolate can not even begin to compare. Pictured is the Chocolate Fish she brought with her from New Zealand. I am saving it for my most dire moment. This story hit close to home in the fact that I know what it is to be hurt and have a fear of trusting people. It was so encouraging though to watch Allie and Jackson’s journey. Cheering them on and hoping they find their healing in Lord along the way. Filled with quotes from Tolkien and random #NerdGirl knowledge, I had so much fun reading Close to You. This is THE book that I chose to read on my way home from Nashville. I think the people on my flights thought I was crazy for the giggling that commenced a couple of times. If you enjoy a good, clean romance, Lord of the Rings, and New Zealand, you will fall head over teakettle for Kara Isaac and Close to You!

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