Book: A Lesson in Love and Murder

A Lesson in Love and Murder by Rachel McMillan
Genre: Inspirational Mystery
Publisher: Harvest House
Date: September 1, 2016
Reviewed by: Rachel Dixon
Fiction Addict Scorecard: A

From the iconic cover through to the Epilogue, Rachel McMillan has delivered another thrilling Herringford & Watts adventure. Filled with love and mystery, sorrow and murder, trust and anarchy…You will be drawn into the story and fight alongside Merinda and Jem for justice and freedom. Can I just say…”Mounties”…Even this redneck American girl can appreciate the Royal North-West Mounted Police. And I was giddy with delight that Rachel incorporated them into this story. I loved this book so much (more than the first one I think). There was so much going on in history at this time. It was interesting to watch those with the desire to bring change, they had the passion and drive to see things through to the end…But they had a warped view of how to go about it. Unfortunately, it reminds me of society today. It breaks my heart knowing that not much has changed in that aspect. Protests, bombings, violence and murder…These are not the answers. That is all I will say about that…Back to the book…Full of the same witty dialogue and precarious circumstances that I have come to expect (and adore) from Herringford & Watts. The footnotes also make their appearance in this story, which I still think is BRILLIANT! If you are interested in mystery, humour, and romance, these are the books for you. You will want to start with the first book, A Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder (links found below). Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this adventure.



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