Movie: The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

Title:  The Resurrection of Gavin Stone
Directed by: Dallas Jenkins
Starring: Brett Dalton, D.B. Sweeney, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, Shawn Michaels
Release Date: January 20, 2017
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
Rating: PG
FA Scorecard: A

Gavin Stone grew up in the spotlight. Everything in his life revolved around him – and he knew it. As a young child star whose catchphrase shot him to the height of popularity, his image was on everything. Literally. Shirts, cups, posters…you can always find a Gavin Stone fan somewhere.  Until life happened that is. Then the spotlight isn’t quite so kind. Instead of the warm glow, it turns into more of a harsh interrogation room. Everywhere you go, people start looking for you to fail. And when you have that spotlight, you pretty  much usually fail spectacularly.

So we meet Gavin when he’s on the skids. He’s done some criminal things that result in 200 hours of community service. And guess where he gets assigned? The local church in his old hometown. So now he’s about to test the theory that you can’t go home again. While he’s not really a fan of community service, he gets excited when he realizes the church is putting on a production. Where better to employ the gorgeous narcissistic actor than in the role of Jesus?  This is when things begin to unravel in Gavin’s mind.

Now I’ll be honest. You may be cringing a little at this point and thinking it’s just another one of those Christian movies that isn’t really that great but everyone ‘needs’ to see. It’s okay if you’re thinking that. It happens more often than I wish it would. However, Gavin Stone breaks that mold. This film has real honest to goodness humor. I mean there were moments we were laughing out loud even when we knew what was coming. The comedic timing, the script, the acting – it was all SPOT ON.

It is a faith based film, so what about the gospel? Oh it’s in there. In fact you  might get caught up in the laughter but I guarantee you won’t miss it. Brett Dalton gives an outstanding performance here. (Seriously – we’re all Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. geeks in my house. I am pretty sure that my son just wanted to go because he missed seeing Ward on the screen. But when we left the movie, he was quoting it. And laughing. And making his sisters laugh. If you have a tween boy anywhere in the vicinity of your life, you know that’s gold!)  It was really wonderful to see Dalton in a completely different character than his Marvel counterpart but more than that, he gave this one some depth. Some richness. I really enjoyed his performance.

This movie was solid good fun, but it also had a powerful message. And when that message hit, it hit you between the eyes. Thank you Dallas Jenkins for making a fabulous movie that will entertain, delight, and hopefully, bring the light to some folks. We’re excited to see what you have up your directorial sleeve next!
This movie is fantastic. If you’re looking for a family friendly movie for the weekend, DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! It’s too good!

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