TV: Z: The Beginning of Everything

Z: The Beginning of Everything
Network: Amazon
Airs: Streaming
Starring:   Christina Ricci, David Hoflin
Rating: TV-MA
Reviewer: Renee Chaw
FA Scorecard: B

Zelda Sayre, more widely known by her married name Zelda Fitzgerald, wife to F. Scott Fitzgerald and an artist in her own right, was one of the first flappers! She didn’t let society’s dictates rule her. She was a wild child so to speak who grew to be something of a firebrand in her adult years. From all accounts, her own and by those who knew her, she was certainly a force to be reckoned with.

The new series from Amazon Studios, Z: The Beginning of Everything promises to show just how volatile a pair Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald were. At just under 25 minutes, it’s unusual for a drama to pack such a punch in such a small package. Strangely enough, the format suits their story. Since Zelda was so non-stop, the fast-paced introduction works. In just the first few minutes we see dancing, drinking, sneaking out, and kissing soldiers is par for the course with Zelda and her girlfriends. The typical life of the flapper a lot of us think of today. It’s easy to see why Scott was so enthralled by the mile-a-minute Zelda, I was right from the opening scene.

Christina Ricci with her waifish looks and sass is perfect in this role. With his dirty blond hair and blue eyes and having only uttered a few lines, I can already tell that David Hoflin’s portrayal of Fitzgerald will be the perfect onscreen compliment to Ricci’s Zelda. I’m sure the season will fly by. This couple’s tumultuous story is sure to unfold onscreen as the Roaring Twenties did, with flair and scandal! It will be interesting to see how Zelda Sayre transforms from Southern girl to a trendsetting woman before her time.

Zelda confronted mental illness, a woman’s rights, and even plagiarism in her too short life, so hopefully these topics will show up in this series. They played such a big role in her life and ultimately led to her untimely death. They are also issues still so relevant in 2017.

Z: The Beginning of Everything has the potential to be yet another hit from Amazon Studios. From the gorgeous costumes to the shiny cars and beyond, it doesn’t look like the producers have missed a beat. If the lives of the Fitzgeralds or even life after The Great War are of interest to viewers, Z promises a tantalizing glimpse with ten 25 minute episodes available now for Amazon Prime subscribers.


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