TV: Emerald City

Title: Emerald City
Network: NBC
Airs: 9/8 Central Fridays
Starring:   Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ana Ularu, Mido Hamada, Adria Arjona
Rating: TV-14
Reviewer: Rachel Dixon
FA Scorecard: A

My initial reaction after episode 1(&2 technically) was, “OK, this is weird….But in a weirdish, good way.” Now 8 episodes in and I can say with confidence, this show is SO addicting! Emerald City is a very different from The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland. Very dark and suspenseful. This is not your cupcakes and rainbows Land of Oz. Heartbreak, romance, betrayal, secrets, magic….and science! The conflict between The Wizard and the witches is very strained and intense. Without giving too much away, the basic clash is between magic and science. The magic is dark and intense, yet science can be just as deadly if used by the wrong people.

Dorothy is on a quest to find her way home and to find out who she truly is. Who her family is and what her destiny is. Along the way she meets several people, some who try to kill her, some who fear her, some who fall in love with her, and some who look to her for protection. What the final outcome will be, I do not know. But I am completely sucked into this show and will be sure to write a follow up review after the season finale.

Content: This show is rated TV-14. There is violence and mild language. One of the main characters runs a brothel and there is one “intimate” scene  in the first episode that we skipped over. There is no full nudity shown, yet it is implied on a couple of occasions. Overall, it is better than what you can expect in a lot of shows out there today, yet I want my readers to be fully aware before they begin watching.

I have been watching Emerald City on NBC and through the NBC app on our Roku device. I was not required to write a review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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