Book: The Elusive Miss Ellison

The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller
Genre: inspirational historical romance
Publisher: Kregel Publications
Date: Feb 28, 2017
Reviewed by: Rachel Dixon
Fiction Addict Scorecard: C

A beautiful setting and a heart touching tale of forgiveness and redemption. A very sweet story that had me falling in love with Gloucestershire and Beagle puppies! The Elusive Miss Ellison is Carolyn Miller’s debut novel and I applaud her creativity and gift for story! The descriptions of the settings, homes, and gowns were so detailed that I can still see the images in my mind.

Miss Ellison and Lord Hawkesbury have so many challenges to overcome. In their personal lives as well as with their relationship with their families and each other. Learning to lay down their pride and lean on God for truth and guidance was a very encouraging thing to witness.

I did enjoy this story and I am very excited to continue the series. However, the flow of the story and some inconsistency in the characters had me confused on multiple occasions. Hence my rating. That being said, ┬áthe words and language was elegant and soothing. I found it very fun to read terms used in Regency times that I had to look up. This aspect added an extra level of depth to the story. There are several acknowledgements to Pride & Prejudice, which is always a delight to find in books. I am eagerly looking forward to following the author’s growth and progress in her books to come. If you enjoy Regency stories with romance and redemption, I suggest you give this one a try!


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