Book: Shine Like the Dawn

Shine Like the Dawn by Carrie Turansky
Genre: inspirational historical romance
Publisher: Multnomah
Date: February 21, 2017
Reviewed by: Rachel Dixon
Fiction Addict Scorecard: B

I have not read many of Carrie’s books yet, but I love the settings she has chosen. Shine Like the Dawn takes place in 1903, at the beginning of the Edwardian Era we see so many new inventions and exciting contraptions, like motor vehicles!

This story starts with tragedy and through the difficult lessons and circumstances that both Nathaniel and Maggie find themselves in, it was so good to see them act and react as normal human beings. And through it all, they learn and grow. Maggie is full of questions and is determined to seek justice, no matter the risk or cost. Nate is such a protector, of the ones he loves and the ones that he is responsible for.

Filled with unanswered questions, Maggie dives into an investigation. With Nate’s help will she be able to solve a tragic mystery that is now years since past? Will she learn how to trust God to give her the answers she NEEDS, even if they aren’t the answers she WANTS? Be swept back in time to solve the crime and bring justice to Heatherton alongside Margaret Lounsbury.

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