Book: Crimson Death

Crimson Death by Laurel K. Hamilton
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Berkley
Date: October 11, 2016
Reviewed by: Brit Gay
Fiction Addict Scorecard: B

Join Anita and her entourage as they travel to Ireland at Edward’s request. But there are a few problems: vampires aren’t supposed to be in Ireland and the Irish government does not allow lethal force. Anita knows, however, that if you find a rogue vampire your best bet it is to shoot to kill and ask questions later—if you want your people to survive. More problems arise as Anita’s best inside source of intel is Damien—her vampire servant from Ireland—is terrified of returning to Irish soil. Can Anita do this without Damien?

As the 25th installment of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, Crimson Death will not leave fans disappointed. If this is your first time joining Anita on an adventure, do not worry. Hamilton makes sure her audience is up to speed with each novel since the series is so vast. But word of caution to those who are new to the series: Hamilton’s books are easy reads for fun preternatural urban fantasy novels, but the novels contain adult themes. Cursing, violence, and sexual themes are prominent in this series. Topics and scenes of sexual nature include polyamory, homosexuality, and mystical sex. This series is not for the reader that is bothered by sexuality within novels.

Personally, I enjoyed Crimson Death.  The novel has a nice change of scenery from American soil especially St. Lois. You can see how Anita must work with or bend the rules and build her powerbase to not just include Jean Claude. Also, who doesn’t love a book with Edward? My main concern for this novel is one I have had for the entire series.  Hamilton writes a great story with mystery and a familiar feeling of a crime novel, but her pacing can be a bit off. The plot is resolved overall, but it seems as if the author waits until the last two chapters to do so.  Depending on your preference for storytelling, this can lead the audience feeling rushed from a major climax followed immediately by the ending.  If you’re a fan of Hamilton’s work do not miss her latest novel.  New to the world of Anita Blake? Jump right in with a protagonist that not only has flaws and recognizes them, but does her best to work towards bettering herself.

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