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Trailer Breakdown: Justice League: More CGI, More of the Same

The last time I admit to displaying wide-eyed naïveté for a DCEU film trailer was for the beautiful third “Man of Steel” trailer. Now we own a fictional DC extended universe in which Superman is a murderer and dead, Batman is a murderer and alive and Wonder Woman will likely be titled “Love in the Time of Spanish Influenza.” All of this matters because Warner Bros. released a new trailer for “Justice League” this morning, likely in an effort to get ahead of “Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.” The film appears to have been created for people who found the DC characters through the popular video game “Injustice: Gods Among Us,” in which Superman is tricked into killing his wife and ultimately becomes a tyrant. The trailer also implies the film leans on the now defunct New 52 era stories, which were shelved just last week in “Action Comics #976” because fans refused to take to a universe in which Superman was less than super. This doesn’t mean the trailer lacked charm and humor, because it was nice to see DC mainstays Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen doing their best impersonation of Tony Stark and Peter Parker from the “Spider-Man Homecoming” trailer. The appearance of Lois Lane also reminded me that Superman will appear but either accidentally murder her, while under the control of Darkseid, or he will be spending a good amount of time hanging with his pals on Apokolips. It should be noted Zack Snyder killed Jimmy Olson in “Batman v. Superman” because he thought it’d be fun, a concept that matches the quote shared at the end of this article. If I set my fears and complaints aside, I do have to admit I was impressed with the wry humor Jason Momoa brought to the often ridiculed Aquaman.

It’s too late for me to ever be excited about another DCEU movie, but I do hold a lukewarm hope that scenes like the Amazonians fighting Parademons will look awesome and that Superman will kill Lois in Metropolis, instead of in the vacuum of space.

“All that comes into play. It’s fun for us but it’ll be interesting for audiences what we do with him.” – Zack Snyder

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