Book: Firstborn

Firstborn by Tosca Lee
Genre: thriller, contemporary, suspense,
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Date: May 2, 2017
Reviewed by: Brit Gay
Fiction Addict Scorecard: A

Welcome back to the continuation in the adventures of the progeny: men and women born with innate abilities that assist them to compel people to their will. The audience meets right back up with a few favorites: Audra, Piotrek, Jester, and many more.  Audra has been charged with an impossible task as she must find the diary of Elizabeth Bathroy, her ancestor. But more importantly, she must find a way for her people to no longer fear that each moment may be their last.  The stakes get much higher as Audra holds her daughter for what feels like the first time. Can she put the hunt to an end? Can she save the court? How many people is she willing to risk, and who can she trust?

Lee has done is again. Firstborn is the sequel that readers have been waiting for—better than the first novel which is a hard thing to do. From cover to cover, Lee’s writing has her audience engrossed with relatable characters that live a life of nonstop adventure. As this author has done in each of her novels, Lee creates a world that will envelop the audience with her wordsmithing capabilities. It is rare to find an author with the refined ability to stop a reader for a moment to reread a passage simply for the passage’s beauty and complexity.  If you are looking for fast-paced adventure that will leave you reeling but immensely satisfied, then check out Tosca Lee’s newest novel: Firstborn.  Lee has her audience captivated until the very end.

I’ve been waiting for this novel since I was given the chance to read The Progeny.  One thing that always helps make a sequel more enticing is when you can finish the first book and have an absolute need to pick right back up with the next book. Firstborn does not disappoint as the story continues from the last page of book one right into the first sentence of the sequel. This book is highly recommended if you enjoyed the first book, like Lee’s work, or are looking for the next novel to whisk you away.


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