Transform into a new person as El continues her story…

Unraveling (The Unblemished Trilogy) by Sara Ella
Genre: young adult, YA,
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Date: July 11, 2017
Reviewed by: Rachel Dixon
Fiction Addict Scorecard: A

What happens when happily ever after starts to unravel?

Eliyana Ember doesn’t believe in true love. Not anymore. After defeating her grandfather and saving the Second Reflection, El only trusts what’s right in front of her. The tangible. The real. Not some unexplained Kiss of Infinity she once shared with the ghost of a boy she’s trying to forget. She has more important things to worry about—like becoming queen of the Second Reflection, a role she is so not prepared to fill.

Now that the Verity is intertwined with her soul and Joshua’s finally by her side, El is ready to learn more about her mysterious birth land, the land she now rules. So why does she feel like something—or someone—is missing? *

When the thresholds begin to drain and the Callings, those powerful magical gifts, begin to fail, El wonders if her link to Ky Rhyen may have something to do with it. For light and darkness cannot coexist. She needs answers before the Callings disappear altogether. Can El find a way to sever her connection to Ky and save the Reflections—and keep herself from falling for him in the process?

Sara Ella has truly bewitched me with Unraveling. So many twists, so many emotions, so many aspects that will leave you speechless and unable to move. More than once my husband would look over at me and say “Shhhh”…Because HE was trying to read his book and I was over here repeating myself…”NO!!!! Noooooo!!! NO!” or “WHAAAAAAAAAT?????” (you get the picture?)

With an eloquence that is rarely seen (especially in YA) Sara Ella has created “a whole new world” for us to discover! Infused with the life force of music and song, this aspect of Eliyana truly speaks to my heart. For readers who have not delved into the heart of fantasy fiction, this is a really good place to start (although I recommend starting with Unblemished first). Because Sara merges the real world and the fantasy world so seamlessly it is so much easier to follow along. Yes there are new phrases and places and words that you have never heard of, but the familiar is referenced enough throughout the story that I was able to stay grounded and my mind sane. One of my favorite parts of this book is all of the music references. From having song lyrics as the chapter titles, to the melody El hears in her head. Music is her strength, her life. And I love how we discover her TRUE nature, the fierce and bold person that rises to the surface.

The bottom line is that I LOVE this book. Be prepared for a MASSIVE book hangover. (Please resist throwing your Kindle and/or book at anyone or anything after you finish…)

Please note that this is the SECOND book of the series. You will be totally lost if you pick up Unraveling without reading Unblemished first. My review will be available this summer for Unblemished.

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