For Better or Worse? The Marriage Pact

The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond
Genre: thriller, suspense,
Publisher: Bantam
Date: July 25, 2017
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
Fiction Addict Scorecard: B

Alice and Jake are newlyweds. They are currently dealing with all the regular normal things that come as a part of becoming a married couple. Alice is a successful attorney with plenty of entertainment connections and Jake is a marital counselor. But there are few extra things thrown into the mix for them that the normal average person doesn’t normally have to take into consideration. They received a very odd wedding present and thought they’re both intrigued, it has sort of an ominous overtone to it. They have been invited to join something called The Pact. And according to all they can find out about it, it’s something that promises to make their marriage deeper and stronger.

Both Jake and Alice decide this is something they want for their marriage, so they agree but soon they find out this is no simple ‘meet for tea’ once a month sort of group. There are a lot of things involved in The Pact and both Jake and Alice must agree to do them. Some of them seem pretty simple. Buying gifts every month doesn’t come across as too much of a burden and a vacation or trip away makes sense. But when they realize that missing one of these goals has actual punishment attached, that’s when things start to get scary.

This is the first book by Michelle Richmond that I’ve read and I’ll admit that I was intrigued. There were, admittedly, moments where I stepped outside the story and thought, “Wait a minute. Back up.” But those moments were few and far between. Jake, as a marriage counselor, was a completely intriguing character for me. I have a friend who does the same thing and I would ping him online and say, “Is this true? Is that true?” I loved having that insight into the mind of someone who notices and listens for a living.

I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this plot, though some things were a little out there. It definitely held my attention throughout! And what a ride it was! I didn’t see that ending coming.

If you like thrillers or mysteries, this is definitely one you’ll want to pick up.

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