The Affairs of the Face on the Ten Dollar Bill

The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs
Genre: historical
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Date: August 2, 2106
Reviewed by: Brit Yancey
Fiction Addict Scorecard: B

Have you ever wondered about the lives of the men who fought for America’s independence and helped shape the new nation so it could survive its infancy? Are you hesitant to read a historical novel due to the genre reading like a text book? Or the novel is so far from the action of the time that it more so qualifies as a period piece than historical? This novel is a breath of fresh air in its own genre.

The Hamilton Affairs begins with Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler as children. The novel shifts between the first-person point of view of both characters as they both play their roles during the Revolutionary War.  I must admit that the book seemed rather familiar, but that thankfully is due to Cobbs being a historian first, and a novelist second. I became excited that few things I knew about Hamilton and the events that unfolded during his lifetime were accurate.

Being able to adventure in the speculative mind of such an astonishing historical figure was a pleasure in and of itself, but the audience also receives a glimpse into the mind of the woman who was not simply behind the great mind. The reader can see Elizabeth shine in her own right as she grows to question the status quo of her time, and become a woman of renown in her own right. Watch the two grow to openly stand up for their beliefs even if society did not agree.

Elizabeth Cobbs is a historian, professor, lecturer, and novelist. Hailing from California she seems to be very passionate about the history of The United States of America. This passion is well met as she brings to life Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler. Since Hamilton the Broadway Musical debuted in 2015, information about the founding father Alexander Hamilton be it fictional or historical has been taking America by storm. Being a fan of Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical myself, I was more than willing to read and review the Hamilton Affairs.

If you are a fan of historical fiction I greatly recommend Elizabeth Cobbs’ novel The Hamilton Affair. Did the new resurgence of popularity in a founding father pique your interest? Look no further—The Hamilton Affair will leave its readers yearning for more.


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