What do you do when all is not as it seems?

Strains of Silence by Bethany Kaczmarek
Genre: drama, romance,
Publisher: Pelican Book Group
Date: August 1, 2017
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
FA Score: A

Kasia Bernolak is getting ready for her upcoming wedding. With her nuptials only being three months away, she knows that what she’s feeling isn’t the way a bride should feel. Instead of happy, joyous, planning, Kasia is mired in doubt, insecurity and fear. Her fiancée, Blake Hamilton, isn’t exactly your normal, average, upstanding guy. In fact, Kasia is being abused. The problem is that she’s done some things she’s ashamed of and she’s worried it will ruin her father’s reputation in the church.

When she finally works up the nerve to break it off with Blake, he is certainly not as eager to let go. In fact, he starts following Kasia, insisting that she can’t break up with him.  Kasia knows that this breakup isn’t progressing in the best way possible, but she’s not quite sure how to stop it. The reality is that she’s more worried about putting herself back together.

Alexander Maddox knows about women in danger. His sister has lived in an abusive relationship for a long time and he knows how hard it is to escape. In fact, he gave up the chance to play baseball in college to help her. So when Alexander comes across Kasia, he recognizes some of the signs and red flags that she might be in danger from an abusive relationship. He’s not about to let another young woman go through what his sister has.

Bethany Kaczmarek is a new author with Strains of Silence being her first book, but she’s no stranger to the publishing world.  Known in many circles for her superior editing and story crafting ability, her first book has proven that she has every right to hold a valued place on your favorite bookshelf. She doesn’t shy away from the hard topics, even delving into generally taboo topics like abuse, premarital sex, and emotional manipulation. Often these things are swept under the rug in faith based novels just as they are in the church and many Christian organizations.  It’s a refreshing take to have Kaczmarek tackle them in such a real, honest, and still engaging sort of manner.

I was thoroughly delighted with this book and am eagerly looking forward to Bethany’s next venture. This is a really good one folks – don’t miss it!


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