Little Girl Gone

Little Girl Gone by Gerry Schmitt
Genre: crime, thriller
Publisher: Berkley
Date: July 2016
Reviewed by: Brit Yancey
Fiction Addict Scorecard: A

Meet Afton Tangler: mother of two, rock climber, and the community liaison for the Minneapolis Police Department. What does a community liaison do? One cold morning, Tangler gets a call about an abduction of a three month old baby girl. She must find a way to comfort the worried parents while also gathering intel for the police. But Tangler has her eyes set for something higher–becoming a detective. How can she be a proactive liaison for the parents, but also prove herself ready to be a detective? Find out when you read Little Girl Gone.

Gerry Schmitt is no stranger to writing. Little Girl Gone is the first novel under this name, but Schmitt has written three other series under the pseudonym Laura Childs. Having written approximately 50 books under this name, Schmitt decided to become a full time author under her actual name. If you have read any books by Laura Childs be sure not to miss out on all things Gerry Schmitt!

Little Girl Gone is the first of the Afton Tangler series. The novel follows Tangler through a case with the local police. She is to work closely with Max, the lead detective on the case. He is a bit of a mentor and a partner in crime so to speak. The story begins in the point of view of the antagonist, Marjorie Sorenson. This being an unlikely introduction to the story I was intrigued from the first page. A crime drama where you know the “who done it” from page one? This isn’t a mystery novel then. Just pure crime thriller at its best. Follow Tangler as she does her best to assist the family, but also try and solve the case as fast as possible.

I found Little Girl Gone hard to put down. I am always interested in a thriller that has a believable female lead, and Gerry Schmitt delivered exactly what I needed. The crime thriller genre is already filled with many well known authors, but few are female authors with a female lead. Taking out the mystery for jam packed thrills and adding a great creep factor put this book at the top of my list for great books to recommend. Tired of books being predominantly male characters or women that don’t reflect the women of today? Then check out Little Girl Gone for a refreshing novel following the life of a true woman with the struggles of today’s society all while kicking ass. Read Little Girl Gone today!

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