Dark in Death Dives Deep

Dark in Death by J.D. Robb
Genre: mystery, thriller, sci-fi
Publisher: St. Martins Press
Date: January 30, 2018
Reviewed by: Lori Twichell
Fiction Addict Scorecard: A

In her forty-sixth outing, Eve Dallas crosses into the literary world and it’s full of adventure, mayhem and continual punches at that fourth wall that sets the fragile boundary between reader and fiction. When a woman turns up dead in a movie theater with an ice pick at the base of her skull, it’s an odd case at best. No problems in her past, no one has an issue with her and no one saw anything. Was it random? But no, the circumstances behind the case show that it took careful, strategic planning to make sure that things happened in just the right way.

It isn’t until Nadine brings a visitor to the precinct that things take a decidedly different turn in the investigation. A well-known author thinks she may have an idea about the murders. It seems the murder at the movie theater is eerily similar to something that she wrote in one of her books. Now Dallas not only has some reading to do, but it’s doubtful that the murderer is going to stop here. She needs to figure out who might be next.

Each story from Dallas lines up right against the previous one. There’s very little time, if any, in between cases. I love that we stick close to Dallas in these books and we don’t have to wonder about things that have happened in the middle. And in this book, I absolutely LOVED all the pokes at the publishing industry, fans, fan mail, and the writing process. It was fabulous. Dallas, Peabody and Roarke all spend time during the investigation sharing their thoughts about the writing process and there are some very thinly veiled criticisms of the way things happen when you’re a famous writer.  As I was reading (sometimes in the dark of night when everyone else in my house was asleep) I would often start giggling madly at the commentary I was reading. It was highly entertaining. And being involved in the book world meant that several different walks of life were covered over the course of this book. Whereas in other books, Dallas might spend the course of one book interviewing medical professionals, or high rolling art dealers or gossip columnists, in this one, it bounced from societal bubble to societal bubble. One day she was interviewing rock stars and the next she was interviewing indie artists.

I know that I am an unashamed Eve Dallas fan and that, for the most part, I love the stories. Not all of them have been my favorites though. This one ranks higher on my list than most of the others. I really had a great time with the behind the scenes discussion of the book world that came along with this investigation.

Forty-six books into this venture and I’m still just as delighted to read each and every release. I can’t wait until the next one – thankfully they are coming out relatively quickly!

If you love mysteries, tough cops (women!), and a little hint of sci-fi, then the J.D. Robb in Death books are right up your alley. Give them a try.

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