Trailer Release: Oh Pooh How We Have Missed You!

by Lori Twichell

Winnie the Pooh! My brain is nearly in meltdown after watching the new teaser trailer for the upcoming film from Disney, Christopher Robin. Starring Ewan McGregor as a grown up Christopher Robin, the trailer has the feel of Hook. Adult life has taken its toll on our beloved Christopher Robin. Even marriage (wife played by the gorgeous Hayley Atwell) and being a father hasn’t helped with the stressed out life he’s currently living. It appears he’s at the end of his rope until a soothing wonderful old voice interrupts his reverie.

Check it out:


I am a self-confessed Winnie the Pooh geek. I adore him. The little fuzzy bear has always been stuffed full of the best kind of wisdom. I was excited when I learned the movie would be coming out but I was hesitant as well. They better not mess with my Pooh Bear! (I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that, right?) But oh when I heard that voice! I wanted to jump off that bench and give him the biggest, bestest, squeezy kind of hug!

I will definitely be catching this one in the theater. I can’t wait!

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