Trailer Release: Lost in Space Reboot on Netflix

by Lori Twichell

Netflix has been setting themselves apart with all sorts of new programming. Ranging from cartoons and family entertainment to decidedly un-family entertainment, you can find pretty much anything you want there. One of my favorite parts of the Netflix slate is the science fiction shows. So when I saw that they were doing a reboot of Lost in Space, I was tentatively hopeful. I mean a couple of years ago, there was that remake into a movie that starred our favorite Friend, Matt LeBlanc. That one definitely upped the level of tension and stress but it still stayed on the campy side.

This new Netflix venture is decidedly un-campy, definitely more tension filled, adventurous, and it looks like it has some serious potential to be really good.  Here’s the trailer:

Just out of curiosity – does anyone out there remember the original Lost in Space television series? Now, I’m not talking about the movie that came out years ago with one of our favorite Friends, Matt LeBlanc, in it. I’m talking about the black and white Leave it to Beaver-ish program where everyone seemed reasonably okay living on some random planet with aliens and robots. The one where it looked like the combined efforts of the wardrobe, props, and set departments most likely created a run on aluminum foil for the rest of America.  In case you don’t, here’s a picture we found online.

Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images



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