The Walking Dead: It’s A Good Time to Lend a Hand

The Walking Dead
Network: AMC
Airs: Sunday 8 pm ET/PT
Starring:   Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride
Rating: TV MA
Reviewer: Sammie Gregg
FA Scorecard: A

Beware: there be spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to hear some details about what happened in The Bridge, as well as speculation about possible storylines from the comic book, don’t continue reading!

With the spoiler warning out of the way, let me dive right in. This season is starting out in a slow burn, but it doesn’t feel like it’s moving slowly. I’m honestly loving everything about it so far. Maggie is still struggling to find her feet as the total leader of Hilltop, but she’s learning to compromise. Jesus is, so far, a really good advisor for her, reminding her they can be good people and not agree on every single thing.

Now let’s talk about my girl crush: Michonne. I’ve loved her from day one and I’m a hard core Richonne shipper. This week, we got to see her be a bit of a diplomat, which was just downright beautiful. She spoke to Maggie first, which was appropriate. She asked for supplies and eased into a discussion about rules and letting Earl the blacksmith go. Maggie was still (understandably) defensive about that and refused to give over the supplies. So Michonne took a different approach. She spoke to Jesus later and gently guided the discussion so that he came to the conclusion she wanted, without forcing him into it. Once he got to where she wanted him, she walked away to let him think it over. She never pushed, never tried to strong-arm him into her way of thinking, simply let the thoughts stew for a bit. That helped change Maggie’s mind by the end of the episode.

About that ending… Rick speaking to Negan at the end was such an interesting scene. The way it was shot was visually gripping, given how much shadow is in the cell room. Negan was predominantly in shadow every shot he was in, until they zoomed in on his eyes, which caught a bar of sunlight. Rick’s face was half in shadow most of the time, but he still seemed to carry the power in the room. His entire “here’s what happened today” speech felt very much like an f-you to Negan. To me, it was similar to Negan making Rick say ‘thank you’ when he’d come to collect his loot a few seasons ago. I love how the roles have changed and how both men are trying to prove to the other that they’re the one on top.

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