Reboots! Everything Old is New Again

By Sammie Gregg

There seems to be a trend happening in television the last few years and it’s starting to get to me. Reboots. They’re everywhere! First was Hawaii 5-0 which made its reappearance in 2010 and it’s just gotten worse. Networks are now even looking at past failed projects to see if they can be revived.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Hawaii 5-0 (which I blame almost entirely on Alex O’Loughlin). But now we have Charmed, a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Dynasty, all back with a new cast for another go-round. Some shows are even bringing back the original cast, like Roseanne, Will & Grace, and Murphy Brown.


What got me going about this reboot business was something I read the other day. The Dresden Files might be getting another shot. It was a series that tried to work back in 2007 on the SyFy channel, but couldn’t quite do it. As a massive fan of the book series, I was incredibly disappointed in the show. Now, another network has optioned the rights for the books to make another attempt at a tv series. As much as I love the books, I’d rather they didn’t.

My point in all this is simple: be original! Drumming up ideas isn’t always easy but taking the easy road doesn’t always mean success either. I’d much rather watch something new and different than see yet another show from the 80’s be ‘redone’. Part of the reason the original series worked was the cast and the decade they came from. Rebooting Friends would be a terrible idea (not that I’ve heard rumors about that) because a large amount of the jokes wouldn’t work anymore. Since when did it become okay to not produce anything new and just redo everything that’s already been done?

The reason why a show like The Walking Dead has been going for almost ten years is because it’s unique and well done. Supernatural is getting ready to start its 14th season for the exact same reason. Granted, both of those shows have a ‘fantasy’ element to them, but that isn’t what makes them special. Criminal Minds caught my attention because it wasn’t just about the crimes, but the fascinating (and often creepy/confusing) psychology behind it. Shows like Chuck or Psych were funny and engaging, while being just a little bit different than people expected.

Some reboots work and some won’t, but I much prefer new and unique ideas. I’m not saying rebooting something from the 80’s or 90’s is wrong, just that maybe there’s another idea that needs to be explored first.

What reboots have you seen that have worked? And are you watching any fresh ideas? Tell us about ’em!

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