This is What Dreams are Made Of….

Title: The Walking Dead
Network: AMC
Starring:   Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus
Rating: TV-MA
Reviewer: Sammie Gregg
FA Scorecard: A

If you haven’t watched Warning Signs yet, you probably shouldn’t read this. Cause I’m gonna be spoiling all sorts of things. You’ve been warned. This review is going to be a lot of me fangirling and squealing, so if that doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to skip this one.

I’ll preface this by saying I’m a shipper. I love having couples to ship and I get rather dedicated when a new ship happens. For example, I shipped Carol and King Ezekiel from the first moment they were on screen together. Now, they’re an official couple and it makes me all squeaky and happy.

Rick Grimes has been my favorite character from day one. His character evolution throughout the series has been incredible. When he and Michonne got together in season 6’s episode The Next World, I think I melted into my couch. In this week’s episode, I was overwhelmed by all the domestic bliss. Family Fun Day is my new favorite thing. I think it was something we really needed to see, given all the drama brewing in the other communities. The little Grimes family of three played games, read stories, had races, and all around had a pretty great day.

Before the Family Fun Day started, however, Rick has a beautiful moment with Michonne where he basically says he thinks they should maybe have a baby. She gives it the serious thought it deserves, and ultimately agrees. I’ve been waiting for this conversation since, essentially, season 6 and it’s finally real!!!

I just hope we have enough time… MAJOR SPOILER WARNING AHEAD

It’s been mentioned over and over that our beloved Rick Grimes has only two episodes left. Chris Hardwick, host of The Talking Dead after show, confirmed how much time Rick has. I, for one, am not ready. But if Michonne gets pregnant before then, I might just find a way to cope. Probably.


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