Read it again Mama! The Cow Said Neigh

The Cow Said Neigh by Rory Feek
Genre: children’s picture book
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Date: October 2, 2018
Reviewed by: Caitlin Anderson
Fiction Addict Scorecard: A

My daughter is getting pretty good at animal sounds. As a three year old with an extensive library of barnyard books and an animal aficionado, there’s not much that catches her off guard. She’s a little girl who knows exactly what the fox says (trust me, she knows the Ylvis song fairly well).  She can also tell you exactly what the horse, cow, sheep, dog, cat, bunny, and hedgehog say as well. You can’t pull three bags of wool over her eyes!
So when we opened up The Cow Said Neigh! A Farm Story I wasn’t sure what to expect.
Would she turn up her nose at the barnyard? Lose herself into the story?
Oh no. That’s not what happened.
She laughed. “Cows don’t say neigh!”
The clever girl enjoyed the rhymes and the gentle story. She soon caught on to the cadence and was looking ahead to figure out just what the next animal would say. And when the story was done, she said the magical words that parents love and dread to hear…”Read it again, Mama!”

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