“We Got the Rabbi!” Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime

Title: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Network: Amazon Streaming
Starring:   Rachel Brosnahan, Tony Shalhoub, Alex Borstein, Marin Hinkle, Zachary Levi
Rating: TV-14
Reviewer: Lori Twichell
FA Scorecard: A

Have you met Midge Maisel? If you haven’t, you should. Kind of almost very nearly not married anymore, Midge is as much of a modern day woman as it’s possible to be in the 1950’s. With parents who live within a tight rule based system, you’d think that she would know how to follow the rules.  But Midge takes the rules around her, uses them to bend others to her will, (post roast as a bribe) and when it suits, she tosses them out the window. Everything in Midge Maisel’s world bows to her will at some point or another.

I admit that I enjoyed the first season of the show. The breakneck paced conversations, twisty roller coaster-esque plots, and unbelievable situations were definitely entertaining. However, season 2, which premiered on Amazon on December 5th, took everything to a brand new level. This season, mostly spent away from New York (part overseas and part in the Catskills) was refreshing, new invigorating, and hilarious. Along with the new characters that get added this season, we also get an entire subplot with a plunger that is just a hoot! I found myself laughing out loud in the wee hours of the morning as I needed to binge watch ‘just one more episode’ and found myself watching late into the night.

Zachary Levi, in particular, is probably my favorite addition to this season. (Although to be fair, he did have some serious  competition with the plunger.) As a potential love interest for our much loved comic, he seems to be the perfect foil and/or partner for her crazy misadventures. Then again, who didn’t see that coming? When a confused upset mother is lamenting her son’s request for not a nice girl, but a weird one, we ALL know who that weird one is going to be, don’t we? And their first meeting is nothing short of exactly what you would expect. Their chemistry is magic and honestly, though I’ve loved him since Chuck, I feel like this era brings out a fantastic side to Levi that suits him perfectly. (I felt something similar the first time I saw John Barrowman in Doctor Who.)

If you haven’t yet given The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel a try, you definitely should. It’s the most binge-worthy program I’ve watched in years. You can find it on Amazon Prime (it’s an Amazon Original) and definitely, set aside some time. Like an obessive reader thinking, “Just one more paragraph…” you may surprise yourself with how many times you hit ‘next episode.’

P.S. If you love fashion at all, you have to watch this show! The styles are fabulous!

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