Review: Call Her Mine by Melissa Foster

Call Her Mine is a best friends to lovers, with a baby left on the doorstep, romance. It was cute and sweet, as expected, with a little mystery about the baby’s momma thrown in for a little spice.

This was my first Melissa Foster read and I really wanted to love it. And, there were pieces I did love – the dialogue between the H and h was witty and great, and even the bits with the baby were done well (and I was nervous about that part as secret baby is one of my least favorite tropes).

What didn’t work well for me was that most of the book is spent having the baby meet various family members, or having these same family members find out about the relationship between H and h. Maybe I was supposed to have read all of the books in a series first (if which this is totally on me), but I thought I had read was a stand alone, so I was a bit confused and bummed.

3 out 5 stars for me. Cute read overall.


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