Jill Hart

Jill Hart, Owner, Chief Lori Wrangler
Jill Hart, Owner, Chief Lori Wrangler



Jill Hart is a supermodel who has taken time from her busy schedule to read a few books and share her thoughts with us. Wait a minute. What do you mean she’s not?

Oh, that’s right. She’s a SUPER MOM who has taken time from her busy schedule. *shrugs* Same thing right? When she’s not reviewing books, she’s a professional juggler. She is currently juggling CWAHM.comRadiant Lit and Fiction Addict. In her spare time she plots more ways that she and her partner in crime (and business) Lori Twichell, can dominate the universe.

In all seriousness, Jill is the founder and president of Christian Work at Home Moms and the co-author of “So You Want To Be a Work-At-Home Mom.” She graduated from Grace University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development/Family Studies and Bible. Jill has worked from home since 2000 and started her own home-based business to assist other Christians who desire to work from home while maintaining a godly life. Jill’s articles have been featured on websites like DrLaura.com, ClubMom.com, and she is an expert author on EzineArticles.com. She is also a contributing author in four books.

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