Lori Twichell

Lori Twichell, Owner, Chief Fiction Wrangler
Lori Twichell, Owner, Chief Fiction Wrangler


Lori Twichell began her career in radio, writing commercials and working promotions. Eventually she became on-air talent for a mid-sized radio station in Pennsylvania. During this time, she worked with a variety of international corporations and even created a promotion that increased sales of one company’s product by over 50% in her station’s listening area.

In 1999, Lori switched gears from radio to film, working with Cloud Ten Pictures on the original Left Behind. As part of her work, she created and managed national marketing and promotional campaigns for the movie. Though she started as a volunteer, her performance soon moved her into a full time staff position at Cloud Ten Pictures, ultimately replacing the publicity firm originally hired for the job. Working from home, Lori managed publicity at over 2500 radio stations across the U.S. Lori’s ideas and efforts cultivated engagement and passion that created grass roots marketing before anyone had ever heard of social media campaigns.

In 2005, Dallas based Fireside Entertainment hired Lori to market their feature film, A Killer Within. Later that year she was also brought on staff with CBH Ministries (formerly the Children’s Bible Hour) where she became head writer for their popular radio drama, Down Gilead Lane. Partnering with writers from Focus on the Family and Adventures in Odyssey, Lori went on to create six seasons of faith-based family entertainment.

A year later, in 2006, Lori started her own company, Beyond the Buzz Marketing. Since its inception, Beyond the Buzz has run marketing and promotional campaigns with corporations such as Nike, Lifetime, the CW Network, ABC Family and the NBC television shows, Chuck and Friday Night Lights. She has also worked with John Hagee Ministries doing writing, marketing consultation and program development.

With a husband who proudly served over 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, Lori has a strong commitment to service members in the military and their families. She has organized and managed campaigns with a variety of companies to show support for the troops including the Jim Henson Company, NBC, and numerous films and television programs. This has included everything from donation of product to personal visits by celebrities to wounded warriors and their family members.

In 2014, filming wrapped on an original screenplay by Lori titled A Horse’s TaleThe movie was picked up by Lion’s Gate and has been called a wonderful and heartwarming family film. It was also awarded the Dove Foundation Seal of approval.

Most recently, Lori has had the privilege of working on both television and film. Creatively, she helped with the pitch, development, and marketing of INSP’s first original television series, Brush of Honor. She went from Brush of Honor’s freshman season to working with Cachet Entertainment and Sony Pictures on the theatrical release, War Room. 

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