Review: Mum’s The Word

I think every time Staci Hart comes out with a book, especially a Bennet book, I say it’s my new favorite. This time is no exception. 🙂 Marcus and Maisie the best couple yet. They are both overly serious and entirely unlikely to fall head-over-heels for someone, especially for someone they absolutely cannot have. Someone […]

Review: Beefcakes

This is one of those books that had me grinning like a dork while I read it. The shenanigans were over-the-top hilarious from the beginning, but that just added to the charm of this story. It has all the right elements – brothers trying to save their mothers bakery, an old flame who hates Neil’s […]

Review: Five First Dates

Wow did this book pack a punch! The minute Maddox hit the scene the tension was sky-high and never dropped. It was awesome! I couldn’t put this book down! Savannah was happily living her life, taking care of her nine-month-old son Sully, until her younger brother’s best friend needed a place to stay in New […]

In His Eyes

Review: In His Eyes

  In His Eyes is a great follow-up to Olivia’s debut novel, In Too Deep. This in Nia and Ian’s story, and begins shortly after In Too Deep leaves off. Iand Nia were coworkers and sort-of friends at Treasuries, Inc., until something happened that caused hurt feelings and anger. Now that Ian is out on […]