Review & Excerpt: My Bare Lady

REVIEW This isn’t my normal jam, but I decided to give it a shot as I love retellings and this looked like a cute one. Suzie won me over pretty quickly and I loved watching her grow as a person. The plot is a little bit of a reach, but in the end it works […]

Review & Excerpt: Stud Muffin

It’s hard to get revenge without getting a rap sheet. REVIEW Tempest Cassidy may be my favorite female character yet – like EVER. She starts out as the duchess of muffins, a sweet, southern gal who never breaks the rules or goes against the flow. Then she catches her awful ex-husband in bed with Mindy […]

Review: Love In Due Time

Review *Beware – spoilers below* This book had me laughing from the first chapter – Nathan and Naomi first re-introduction was so awkward and hilarious! Their subsequent interactions are equally funny because they are both fairly awkward people. They’re great! 🙂 This book also touches on some tough topics, too. Nathan was part of  motorcycle […]