Review: Faker by Sarah Smith

Faker, by debut novelist Sarah Smith, was one of my favorite reads of 2019. The premise of the book caught my attention so strongly that, when I didn’t end up with a review copy, I just had to buy this particular book because it sounded like such a fun read. It was money well spent, […]

Review: Off The Record

A wonderful sophomore release by McDonald, Off The Record is the story of record producer, Nick, and social media whiz/writer, Melody. Nick and Melody knew each other in high school and are thrown together when working on an album for an up-and-coming music phenom. When sparks fly, they both know they can’t risk their careers […]

Review: Gilded Lily

REVIEW Staci Hart has done it again with Gilded Lily. She has this way of crafting words into this perfectly molded story that sucks you in and keeps you turning pages late into the night. Every time one of her books comes out, I know I’m going to have some tired days at work. 🙂 […]