Throwback Review: Zero-G by Alton Gansky

To boldly go where no man has gone before…  That’s the job of Benjamin “Tuck” Tucker, Space Shuttle Commander. Problem is, his crewmates must’ve been wearing red shirts. He awakes in a daze, unsure of what knocked him out. Never a good thing while in space. With his mind clouded, Tuck realizes that something has gone horribly wrong. He launched a Space Shuttle and landed a hearse.

Daughters-in-Law by Joanna Trollope

Rachel and Anthony live an ideal life. They live comfortably, have personal success (Rachel with her culinary expertise and Anthony with his art), and have three devoted sons.  Family members love and are committed to each other, and family ties become stronger with each passing year. Rachel’s dedication to her family defines who she is, and her support and guidance to her sons has also defined who they are.